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Format: Push Down

  • Closed Push Down

  • Expanded Push Down
    Dimensions (w x h) Collapsed: 1000 x 100 Expanded: 1000 x 265
    Serving format options This AD placement can ONLY be Third party AD served
    Haymarket accept Third party tag from DoubleClick certified vendors.
    Please consult the list of certified vendors for your region in the Vendor list section.
  • Static image (GIF/JPG) and Flash are not accepted.

  • REMARK: If the above is not possible, Haymarket can host the banner. However, additional costs will apply **
    Max file size 100 KB
    Maximum Duration 15 seconds
    Animation The expandable unit must be user initiated on rollover of the collapsed unit.
    The expanded push‐down can animate for a maximum of 15 seconds. The collapsed push‐down can NOT animate.
    Video Video is permitted, and playback may begin once the expandable unit begins. Video should not exceed 15 seconds. Clearly visible start / stop video controls are required.
    Audio Audio must start muted and be initiated with a user click. Audio should not exceed 15 seconds. Clearly visible mute button if audio is used.
    Close Button A prominent close button must appear on the expanded ad unit at all times. Close button must be a fixed placement at the location of the first completely visible frame. Expandable units should auto‐close after 15 seconds.
    Z-index In order for proper integration with our sites, the banner MUST have its z-index set to 1 to ensure that the rest of the site displays as per usual.
    Please liaise with your third-party ad server representative regarding this functionality.
    Geo-Targeting Support
    Testing All creative must function uniformly on both MAC and PC platforms as well as multiple browser versions of Microsoft browsers, Chrome, Mozilla and Safari.
    Delivery deadline Haymarket Media requires that all standard creative be submitted seven (7) business days prior to launch date to allow testing and approval.
    **Hosting Cost reference: AD Re-purposing (correct file with HTML5 coding supplied): USD300 and 5 to 9 business days per creative.
    Rich Media Banner Design: Minimum USD1400 and 10 to 17 business days per creative(depends on requirements).
    Please contact Advertising Operation team for more information and 3rd party AD server agency recommendation.

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