Professionals in Asia-Pacific investment

Asianinvestor has two major awards, the investment performance awards and the service provider awards.

The Investment performance awards are normally announced in late April each year and are based on fund performance in both absolute and risk adjusted terms over 1,3 and 5 year periods for all asset classes, traditional and alternative. Two marquee awards are also announced with theses award, Institutional Investor of the Year, Distributor of the year and Asset manager of the year. The awards dinner normally takes place in the 3rd week of may and the full write up of the awards in the June issue of the magazine.

The Service provider awards are announced late September each year and recoginses a variety of service providers to asset management companies and institutional investors. These include custodians, prime brokers, execution brokers, legal and accounting firms, technology companies and index providers. The awards dinner takes place in late October and the November issue carries the full write up of the awards.

Awards Organiser
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