60 seconds on us

Haymarket Media understands how to communicate with specialist audiences.

That’s why our brands are market leaders.

It’s an ability we first learned as makers of carefully-targeted magazines.

Now it’s also serving us powerfully as we expand online, around the world and in new business areas.

Why are we so effective?

Because our creative, sales and management teams are passionate about their subjects and the industries we work within.

Every Haymarket division follows our founding principle:

Know what you’re talking about, create something great, and it will attract a strong following. And that will bring revenues. It’s a wonderful virtuous circle: the better the job we do for our audiences, the greater the rewards.

So we invest in our brands, and demand the highest quality.

We live in the sectors in which we operate, and it’s always more comfortable to do that with your head held high.

Not surprisingly, our success is built on the quality of our people and the opportunities they enjoy.

We spend heavily on recruitment and training. We want the people who work for Haymarket to realise their ambitions: the happier they are, the more creative we become, and the better solutions we produce for our audiences and partners.

We work to the highest standards, whatever the medium.

Our news is sharp and insightful. Our reviews are thorough and entertaining. Our stories are well told, and our visuals set standards. Our events are pace-setters.

Most of all, we are avowedly independent:

You can trust that anything written in a Haymarket publication or website is well-researched and puts the needs of its audience first. That’s why they keep coming back.

At its heart, this is an editorial company with a simple philosophy:

We are dedicated to producing magazines, websites and events that are the best.